Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Version - Dancing in the Mirror 3.0!

<a href="http://lowery.bandcamp.com/track/dancing-in-the-mirror-30">Dancing in the Mirror 3.0 by Lowery</a>

This version of the track is still very much 'in progress'. I was really reluctant to actually upload it in it's current state but I felt that to be true to the project, I should. I've been recording it with my friend Mark Thorby at the studio in his garage. What you hear represents one evenings recording and a bit of tweaking from Mark. We will be finishing it soon and i'll update this with version 3.1 when we do.

Still need some artwork for this track... 


Alan Southgate said...

That is such a great tune, it always moves me (especially knowing the back story). Great version, has more depth and intensity than I remember the last one having.

Alan Southgate said...
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