Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Album Artwork

This brilliant picture is one of three, which have been drawn by Phoebe O'Donnell for my Gaga Navyharsties & Pik album. I have decided to use it as the new front cover. It Features our two main characters exploring the Fairy Glen. 

Is it ridiculous to change the artwork after so long? Probably. I never meant for the original artwork to be permanent though. You could probably tell. Like everything else on the record, it was 'in progress' too. 

 I had to crop this drawing a bit to make it square for the bandcamp page. Phoebe wasn't at all pleased by this and insisted I posted this full version on this blog. 


Alan Southgate said...

That's well good. Are there any more songs that need a pic? I'm up for doing one.

Iain said...

Glad you like it. And Yes! There are plenty that still need a picture. Dancing in the Mirror for one.. Did you have one in mind you'd like to do?