Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gentleman's Wash

The boiler in our house has been broken for the last week and won't be fixed until next weekend. We've been boiling the kettle to wash. I don't have anywhere near enough work at the moment, and that means I'm at home more than I normally would be and we only have one fan heater! so, I'm making an album during February. inspired by a rpm music challenge to do so, stipulating that it must be either 10 tracks or 35 minutes. Normally I would never be able to complete such a task but I'm trying to be far less precious with stuff and write and record quickly and instinctively. I'm having to try quite hard to keep pushing through the pockets of self doubt and frustration. So far I actually have a few tracks on the go and am still going! This alone is a miracle. I haven't written anything for ages but I'm stubbornly forcing myself to do this task that the back of my mind thinks impossible. I'm also holding the belief that no one will ever hear the results. This is an essential element to the writing process.

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