Monday, July 23, 2012


It's probably a good thing that this blog has been a bit neglected over the last few months, it means I have been busy. I quit my job, got a new and better one and now find myself making all my money from music or music related things.

I took a look at my 'Current Projects' page a second ago and thought I should update y'all on how these things are going -

Barn - Barn is alive and well. We have a proper website,  two releases ready to go and more being planned. For more info on Barn Recordings follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Lost Levels Album - The album, which we're calling Byebyeland is now complete (except for last bits of mix downs and masters etc..) We're currently thinking about artwork, track order and most importantly how to get it out.

Heart of a Dog - I ended up producing the 2nd HOAD EP - '...With the Head of a Beast' in my home studio. It was released by Barefeet Records. Listen..!  

Shane O'Linski  - I'm in the process of getting Shane's vast back catalogue of unreleased albums available to hear and download and have set up a sort of label called Gaga & Pik to talk about it. We are releasing the albums gradually. Here is the first one... 

It's very sunny today so I'm going outside now.

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