Sunday, March 23, 2014

Works in progress

Just finished producing a new single for 'Birds of Hell' a.k.a Pete Murdoch of Sargasso Trio fame. It's called 'The Boa Constrictor song', or simply 'Boa' and it's due out later in the summer on a new label called 'General Records'. It's one of my favourite things I've done so far I think, and quite different from anything I've done before. I'll post it up when it becomes available though I'm sure anyone that reads this will probably hear it before I get round to actually sticking it up here.

I have loads of other production stuff on the go too...

Shane O'Linksi - 9 Track album
Rebel Kites - 'The Witnessing' 5 track EP
Emily Winng - 'Hallelujah You're Gone' Single
Milly Hirst - 5 track EP
Natalie Lake - 4/5 Track EP
Jess Wilson - 4/5 Track EP
Lost Levels - 3 Track EP

Also currently mixing tracks for:

The Sound of Sight
Eastern Seaboard
Ben C Winn

I'm also trying to find time to work on four new foldover tracks with 'The Electric Set' and a new collaborative project with 'Spokes' A.K.A. Mark Bigley.

Busy boy huh!

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Anonymous said...

And we're recording some real orchestral kettle drums tomorrow!! I'll bring tails and a baton for you. And some crack…..natch. Love Birds Of Hell x