Saturday, June 04, 2011

Foldover Songs

The two tracks below were made by myself and my friends James Leeds, James Eliot Taylor and Mark Thorby. We made them like a foldover picture - You know!? where somebody draws the head and folds the paper so you can only see the neck, the next person draws the shoulders etc... 

I started the first one, titled 'At Sea' and send the last couple of seconds of my bit to James Leeds who then did the same and sent his bit on to Mark... you get the idea. Anyway, we didn't hear each others section until all the bits were complete and we had them together as one piece. I think they work rather well. 

We are going to make two more foldover songs in this way, changing the writing order each time so each person gets a chance to be first and last.
  - At Sea

  - In Flight