Friday, May 07, 2010

New Track

<a href="">Interlude - The Rain by Lowery</a>

I've just been going through my Cubase files and came across this instrumental. I had totally forgotten about it. My labelling of ideas is very sloppy. I usually record things in a rush and then forget which folder I've saved them in. It seems to work quite well though. I often dismiss an idea, forget about it, find it again and really like it. Quite a few of my songs have been written in this way. Sometimes, when you are really involved with something it's hard to know if it's good or not. I find getting a bit of space and time away from it helps to be more objective.


Girl In A Thunderbolt said...

Nice, and very apt given the weather. When did you write it?

Iain said...

Um.. A few months ago I think. Not too long ago... It was raining at the time though!