Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Neighbourhood Watch

Last night someone broke into my next-door neighbours house. I heard a window break but didn't see anything. It was pretty horrible though... as Lavar said last night; Burglary is such a rubbish crime. I want to move to the countryside.

My road seems to have loads more cars parked on it these days. I often have to park on the next road, which is a total hassle. Today when I was walking to the next road to get my car there was a really old woman shouting her head of at a younger woman who was trying her best to diffuse the situation. The old woman was being really emotional and quickly let out a big, childlike 'aaww shuuutt up' and then stormed off with her Norwich accent, down an alley which ran between what I imagined to be their respective houses. I want to move to the countryside.

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